All the filters your workshop needs.


Oil. Air. Cabin. Bosch has a full line of filters made specifically for workshops. Engineered to fit a wide range of Domestic, Asian, and European vehicles, all Bosch Filters meet or exceed OE quality. Stock-up on Bosch workshop filters through your warehouse distributor, today.

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Earn double eXtra. points on Bosch-branded Workshop Filters September 1 through November 30th.

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Workshop Filters

Bosch workshop cabin air filters

Workshop Cabin Filters

Bosch Workshop Cabin Air Filters are specifically engineered for the professional installer dedicated to helping customers breathe cleaner air. Bosch Workshop Cabin Filters offer an 80% efficiency rate at 3 microns or greater in capturing dirt, dust and other environmental contaminants from entering the heating and air vents of a vehicle.

Bosch workshop air filters

Workshop Air Filters

Bosch Workshop Air Filters are designed specifically for the Professional installer market offering high vehicle coverage to ensure installers will always have the right air filter.

Bosch workshop oil filters

Workshop Oil Filters

Bosch Workshop Oil Filters designed for the professional installer.