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Getting to Know Fred Padgett with Bosch Automotive Aftermarket

Fred Padgett has been an associate of Bosch for over 30 years. Throughout his tenure, Fred has served as a manager and specialist across multiple product lines. Fred entered the automotive aftermarket industry in 1979 specializing in fuel systems, documenting the function and processes for remanufacturing carburetors. With a passion for knowledge of discovering how products function, it was a seamless career progression to enter automotive remanufacturing.

Fred Padgett

Beginning with starters and alternators, Fred is known for his ability to identify microscopic product features and benefits and establish programs to provide education to service technicians nationally. Fred’s attention to detail quickly expanded his career focus to other areas including global product design and development, and heavy-duty aftermarket products. Most notably, Fred’s technical contributions towards advanced product development have credited him as an inventor of an IMR solenoid adapter. Receiving an international patent expanding Bosch’s global patent ownership.

Earning a dual bachelor’s degree from Northern Illinois University. Fred enjoys fishing, outdoor adventures, furniture restoration, Jogging, weightlifting, and rebuilding clocks. Throughout Fred’s life, he has maintained an interest in exploring the mechanical function of products, rebuilding components, and analyzing ways to improve mechanical efficiency.

Fred has grown to serve as an expert, leader, and educator in the automotive and heavy-duty aftermarket industry. We are excited to feature Fred in a new video series, FredTalks. As cars evolve in technical sophistication, auto shops will continue to focus on the correct diagnosis of repair needs. FredTalks videos highlight not only critical product function but demonstrate the Bosch difference.