History | Bosch batteries since 1922

100 Years of Bosch Batteries

Inventive spirit with a century of history: Since 1922, Bosch has continuously developed and expanded its range of high-performance batteries. Today, in addition to conventional batteries, it also includes batteries with AGM, SLI and Li-ion technology for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, two-wheelers and recreational vehicles such as motor homes and campers.

Bosch battery 100 year timeline

Bosch batteries – 100 years of performance improvement Bosch began producing motorcycle batteries in 1922. In 1927, the first Bosch battery for passenger cars was launched. Numerous further developments and innovations followed. Over the years, Bosch has expanded its range and continues to adapt it to changing market requirements and new technological possibilities.

Did you know?

For many classic cars, Bosch offers batteries in classic design, equipped with modern battery technology.